Heavy Cases Heavy duty plastic cases

The heavy case offers premium durability at an affordable price. With a combination of style and functionality this case is perfect for the protection of electronic devices and presentation cases. Intricut offer customised PRO-inserts to suit all of the cases. The perfect way to display your items.

Only after a couple of cases or don't need customised foam? Why not purchase online through our sister company Caseline Australia. It's quick, easy and all online orders are at reduced prices!!!!

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Clasp Latches that snap lock the case together. Available in different colours. See other options tab for more details.

The pin hinge system increases strength and allows for smooth opening and closing.

Sturdy feet give the case stability in the upright position and protect the hinges.

The large flat face provides sufficient space for corporate branding. See the other options tab for more details.

Stack Groves.
These moulded groves allow the cases to interlock when stacked lying flat.

All cases are available with Customised PRO-Inserts and a variety of other types of foam.

All cases are available with Customised PRO-Inserts and a variety of other types of foam.

All cases are available with Customised PRO-Inserts and a variety of other types of foam.

Case Internal Dimensions(mm) External Dimensions (mm) Base+Lid (mm) Weight without Foam
H4001 280X200X70 300x275x82 35+35 0.77
H4002 280X200X100 300x275x110 65+35 0.88
H4003 280x200x130 300x275x140 65+65 1
H4010 370x240x90 390x310x102 45+45 1.16
H4012 370x240x135 390x310x147 90+45 1.34
H4014 370x240x180 390x310x192 90+90 1.53
H4028 470x325x110 500x420x125 55+55 2.36
H4032 470x325x160 500x420x175 105+55 2.7
H4036 470x325x210 500x420x225 105+105 3.04
H4040 540x380x130 575x470x145 65+65 3.1
H4044 540x380x190 575x470x205 125+65 3.5
H4048 540x380x250 575x470x270 125+125 3.95

  • Shipping and transport cases
  • Protection cases
  • Presentation cases
  • Industrial protection cases
  • Cases for AV equipment

All Heavy cases are available with and without (empty) foam. Here at Intricut we specialise in manufacturing customised foam inserts from high density polyethylene foam. We call these PRO Inserts.

We can also manufacture from a range of different materials for different applications. This Includes die cutting of lower density foam, panel mounting and various other forms of foam inserts.

Heavy 4001 case

Internal dimensions: 280x200x70mm

Heavy 4002 case case

Internal Dimensions: 280x200x100mm

Heavy 4003 case

Internal Dimensions: 280x200x130mm

Heavy4010 case

Internal Dimensions: 370x240x90mm

Heavy 4012 case

Internal Dimensions: 370x240x135mm

Heavy 4014 case

Internal Dimensions: 370x240x180mm

Heavy 4028 case

Internal Dimensions 470x325x110mm

Heavy 4032 case

Internal Dimensions:470x325x160mm

Heavy 4036 case

Internal Dimensions: 470x325x210mm

Heavy 4040 case

Internal Dimensions: 540x380x130mm

Heavy4044 case

Internal Dimensions: 540x380x190mm

Heavy4048 case

Internal Dimensions: 540x380x250mm